About Us

About US 25Nicole & Andrew: a German girl and an English man who met in Stockholm in 2007. In 2011, we moved to Munich via a trip through Argentinia, Bolivia & Peru which infected us with the travel bug.

This blog is about everything we love, which is…

… where we live! Munich is such a beautiful, safe and fun-loving city. Think beer gardens, barbecuing next to the Isar, cycling through the Englischer Garten, an endless choice of restaurants, and you get the picture. Not only that; it’s also perfectly located close to the Alps, Austria, Switzerland, Italy… so it’s really easy to hop on our bikes / on a train / in the car to travel down south and spend weekends, Friday afternoons or holidays in the mountains. Skiing and ski touring during the winter, or mountain biking and hiking in the summer – there is so much to do and see and experience!

… traveling! Norway, Thailand, Sweden, Italy, South Africa, Patagonia, Chile, Argentina, Portugal, Bolivia, Canada… Our perfect holiday is about being active amongst amazing landscapes; hiking beneath snow-capped mountains, snorkeling in warm ocean waters, spending weeks on end in Italian cities enjoying wine & food, adventuring in Patagonia or doing a safari in Krüger.

… photography! More about Nicole’s photography equipments and biggest learnings from self-teaching to shoot with an SLR you can find here.

We hope you enjoy it!

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