Travel Equipment



We have 7 functional rucksacks in total – you could potentially argue that’s a few too many…:

  • Gregory Baltoro 65L multi-day hiking rucksack for him
  • Osprey Farpoint 55L travel rucksack for her: it transforms into a hold-all and comes with a little day-pack
  • Eagle Creek Truist 55L travel rucksack for him
  • Deuter Aircontact 40-10L multi-day hiking rucksack for her
  • Exped Mountain Pro 50 water-proof multi-purpose rucksack for him (hiking, ski touring, traveling – whatever you fancy)
  • Ortovox Traverse 30L hiking / ski-touring rucksack for him
  • Ortovox Haute Route 30L ski-touring rucksack for her
  • Bergans 40L hiking/travel rucksack

For organization inside the rucksack, we are using simple ziplock bags from the supermarket. Why? They are pretty much waterproof. maximize space due to compression and you can nicely organize your backpack: underwear & socks, T-Shirts, Shorts etc.

Additionally, dry sacks give you ease of mind during a downpour in Patagonia, kayaking in Canada or wading through hip-deep water to the boat that will bring you to the next island in Thailand.

A great tip we learnt in Patagonia: in order to make your rucksack waterproof from the inside, just line it with a black rubbish bag. If you then have everything in ziplock bags, nothing will get wet, even during the biggest downpour.

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To this:


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