Photo Equipment

Nicole is an avid hobby photographer who has recently invested in some more photography equipment. The first SLR came as a birthday present in the year 2010: with a Canon 1000D she learnt the first crucial things about ISO, shutter speed and aperture. Year by year, she understood more, used the “M” mode with more ease and learned about the importance of post-processing with Lightroom. So in 2017 it was time for an upgrade.

The camera:


So why spend the money for a Canon 80D?

  • It offers higher ISO settings (from 1.600 to 16.000!) and better picture quality, especially less noise at high ISO settings
  • You can shoot in bulb, i.e. leaving the shutter open for as long as you please – crucial to shoot the milky way and stars
  • It shoots 7 frames per second compared to 3 frames per second, so better for shooting moving objects
  • It has a weather-proof body and an articulated screen (making shooting the milky way easier…)
  • … and double the battery power.

The only drawback: it is heavier. But heyho, you can’t have everything, can you? Taken everything into account: this is the perfect camera for our favorite pastimes (the great outdoors, long hikes and travelling)!

The camera is obviously only one thing; the more important part are the lenses.

The lenses:


In total there are three lenses:

  • An affordable telephone zoom lense (Canon 18-135mm): good for city trips and great to play with blurriness
  • A wide-angle lense (Canon 10-18mm): the best for landscapes
  • And a classic prime lense (Canon 50mm): that was the one taking the photo, so great for portraits because of the beautiful bokeh 🙂

Additional equipment:

These are two things I really wouldn’t wanna miss:

  • a lightweight & small tripod:


  • a camera clip that attaches to your rucksack strap and makes accessing your camera sooo easy!


This is how it looks like in “action”:

image Kopie.jpg